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18.10.2013: Lifelong Warranty- BestServ Round Table work starts

BestServ Round Table group concentrates on topic Lifelong Warranty, what means of increasing manufacturers exports by dramatically extending warranty and combining it with services.

The focus area concentrates on following subjects:

  • How we can, by integrating Service and Systems business, create a business model which gives customers life-long warranty of their products and systems.
  • New equipment is sold with monitoring functionalities and a lean service agreement -allowing to stay informed about the condition during lifetime, and manage the risks
  • Creates continuous revenues for the OEM, and is sold from the start of operations
  • How can services increase the export of industrial goods?

BestServ Round Table approach:

Companies bring in a real life challenge and introduce how this issue has been handled in the company until now. The round table group works out the solution together. Other companies bring in a broader perspective to the issue. Experts give novel models and methodologies.

Everyone participating gets a thorough understanding of the issue.